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Zhuhai Sunda Technology Co., Ltd. is located in a beautiful environment, warm and pleasant seaside city Zhuhai, a lithium battery, the phone packs Bluetooth headset, communication antenna, mobile devices, accessories packaging and printing industries, and to supporting supplemented by industrial production tech private enterprises.

In 1991, Zhuhai City, Schindler Communications Equipment Co., Ltd. was established, which is the predecessor of the Division I, is mainly engaged in the distribution of BP, mobile phones and other wireless communications equipment and maintenance services, and establishment of chain stores in Zhuhai City, the bustling commercial area, and gradually developed into a huge chain pattern of the 20 outlets.

After twenty-two years of chain operation and fifteen years of manufacturing history, exercise - Master, and continuously improve in quality, cost, service,teamwork, innovation, has become a model for the same industry. Participated in the drafting of the National Standard Committee of the "national standard"for cellular phone lithium battery for GB/T18287-2000.GB/T18288-2000,Bluetooth stereo headset and DONGLE BenQ ODMZ manufacturing is the firstby China wireless board certified products Chinese, Chinese first solar phonebattery was born of science and technology. The company passed the ISO9001 and ISO14001 management system certification, the product passed the ROHS, CE, UL, CCC, FCC and other certification.

The main customers are: ZTE, Huawei, TCL, Lenovo, acoustic, Amoi, Haier, Hisense, Tianyu, the West can Longcheer, Sim Tong Hua Qin, duo CD, Bird, Konka, exhibition Don, Rui Jaco, on Hyde morning, Microlab Weir, United Yuhua, desire, Beisite, North peak, telecommunications, happy, ears, and Long Kotanyi, Heino line, LAVA like. Schindler green paper asked partners are: Canon, Samsung, Casio, Flextronics, Sony Ericsson and other world-renowned enterprises.

Our products are exported to the world, welcome to negotiate and cooperate!

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