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Chemical Laboratory
The main test battery materials whether they contain the content of environmentally harmful elements and harmful elements. Can detect lead (Pb) Cadmium (Cd) Mercury (Hg) more than 50 kinds of elements. Equipped with atomic absorption spectrophotometer (with flame atomic generator, flow hydride generator), electronic analytical balance...

Environmental Laboratory
The main test battery or batteries to adapt to the environment performance. Damp heat, salt spray test, high and low temperature test, the battery low-voltage analog test. Equipped with the device can program temperature and humidity testing machine, precision salt spray test machine, high and low temperature, low pressure simulation chamber...

Security Lab
The safety performance of the main test battery when subjected to external damage, electrical test and mechanical test battery. Electrical tests include short circuit, overcharge, forced discharge test. Mechanical tests, including extrusion, acupuncture, heavy shock, collision, vibration, drop and other tests.


Electric Performance Lab
For finished battery pack charge and discharge performance, overcharge and over discharge detection test of sub-capacity intelligent battery learning test. Applicable in the lithium-ion batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries, lead acid batteries, carbon zinc batteries, alkaline batteries...

Enterprise journal
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