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Promote the progress of the industry's creativity.

The corporate culture is a business leaders, respected and recognized under staff ideology. Schindler, our corporate culture can be a very simple six words to express - to learn the sport innovation

In the midst of the Red Sea, Who Controls? Do not learn to know new, I do not know what is new is old-fashioned, old-fashioned charm have been eliminated. SMEs in each of how much sank, and the number of struggling in the waves, there are several calm Dan Xiao? The Jyu still perilous in setting still need to forge ahead. Yet dare not learn peace?

People-oriented, healthy people in this. Exercise is an effective way to stay healthy. Staff to exercise also helps to communicate unity, based on the Division I frequently organize various outdoor activities and sports.

Knowledge, learning and physical exercise, the staff can be psychosomatic superb work in order to be innovative. The innovative role of no use to say, innovation performance is not necessarily spectacular, but every small specific aspects in the work. Technological improvements or process optimization can bring substantial benefits to the enterprise.

Therefore, learning sports innovation "Schindler concise corporate culture.

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