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Zhuhai City Xun Da Technology Co., Ltd. Development Department currently has more than 20 battery engineers, electrical engineers, structural engineering R & D team composed of more than 60% have more than five years experience in R & D and production engineers in their respective fields. After 21 years of dedicated and business, I have now formed an excellent team of high-quality R & D, software design and development of integrated hardware design.
Zhuhai City News Technology Co., Ltd. has been the implementation of the strategy of "advanced technology" to achieve good results in terms of technology R & D, the company already has dozens of practical technology patents and product design patent. After years of development and accumulation, the company has mastered the key core technology, the company's R & D team has grown to adapt quickly to market changes, one can independently develop new products, with fairly competitive high-quality scientific and technological personnel. Advanced equipment, scientific management, leading technology backing of success, the company attaches great importance to the development of technology and quality control, management of investment in recent years, the company vigorously the introduction of advanced production equipment, product testing equipment and the introduction of scientific management (R & D capability and technology has reached international advanced level), the implementation of product development, market-oriented, to significantly improve product performance, quality, and reduce the cost of the product to create the prerequisites.


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